Brow Sculpt & Dye

Here at Kayla Aitken Beauty we offer a few brow services. Our basic service is compiled of mapping, tweezing, shaping and tint/dye. This service is recommended every 6-8 weeks.


Brow Lamination & Dye

Our Brow Lamination is a more luxurious Brow Service which uses products to debond your natural brow hairs and allows us to manipulate them into the desired shape/look. Paired with a tint/dye this service will give you fuller, fluffier, maintainable brows. It is recommended for this service to be done every 6-10 weeks. Not suitable if you have very very sparse brows cosmetic tattooing would be more suitable.



Basic Brow Aftercare:

  • avoid getting wet for 24hrs (this includes showering, swimming, steam, washing face etc)
  • avoid eye makeup for the first 24hrs
  • avoid scrubbing and rubbing the brows as this will fade the staining on the skin faster
  • rebook every 6 weeks depending on how lashes are looking
  • do not pluck/wax etc your brows in-between appointments, please wait to see the professionals here at Kayla Aitken Beauty

Brow Lamination Aftercare:

  • avoid getting wet for the first 24hrs
  • nourish your brows daily with a brow oil (purchase in salon)
  • brush brows in place daily
  • avoid scrubbing and rubbing your brows
  • after 24hrs you can use brow gel for the slicked lamination look although I would recommend doing this when you near the 6 week mark post treatment as new brow hairs grow isn place and need to be tamed
  • rebook every 6-10 weeks